Do you really want to be in the transportation business?

Commercial truck ownership is getting more challenging and costly to manage every day. For most well-run businesses, truck leasing is a superior financial and operational alternative to ownership because your cash flow improves, your truck uptime improves, and your transportation costs are more consistent.

Benefits of an Idealease Full Service Lease:

  • • Industry-leading vehicles
  • • Fixed and guaranteed monthly cost for vehicle maintenance
  • • All scheduled maintenance including: Preventive Maintenance, oil and filter changes, lubrication, repairs, parts, labor and tires
  • • Improved vehicle uptime
  • • Compliant with all current motor vehicle safety requirements
  • • Substitute vehicles at a moment’s notice
  • • 24/7 Roadside Assistance
  • • No disposal concerns at the end of the lease term—simply return the vehicle to Idealease

We lease medium and heavy-duty trucks, sleepers, day cabs, flat beds, box trucks, tractors, and more. Idealease of Baltimore also leases, rents and services Kalmar Ottawa terminal yard tractors. We also lease stake truck bodies.

Did you know that companies that operate their own trucks can have 10% to 30% more vehicles than they need for their routes? With a full service lease, your vehicles are well maintained, allowing you to significantly reduce the number of extra trucks you might have to cover downtime for service and repairs. Cut your operating costs and keep your promises to your customers with a full service lease program. We are the industry experts at seamlessly migrating businesses from truck ownership to full service leasing.

Idealease delivers a superior level of expertise, responsiveness and stability to our customers. All Idealease vehicles are supported by unmatched technical expertise throughout our extensive network of locally owned and operated Idealease companies. Count on Idealease for cost-effective and responsive support anywhere, anytime.

A full service commercial truck lease from Idealease allows you to pay even more attention to serving your customers and growing your business. Idealease of Baltimore has convenient locations in Baltimore, Maryland and Frederick, Maryland.